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Mimi the Elephant and the Strawberry Pie

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One morning Mimi the Baby Elephant woke up in high spirits. The whole night he dreamed of strawberries and in the morning, he had a great idea - to bake a strawberry pie on his own. But unfortunately, Mimi does not have a pie recipe, and he never baked anything before. In addition, the elephant family has just recently moved to this town, so the Baby Elephant has no friends yet. On the way to achieving his goal, Mimi meets new acquaintances, gets into funny and challenging situations. Following the Baby Elephant adventures, children learn to be friendly, but to defend their borders, not to be afraid of difficulties and to ask for help at the right time.
After reading the book, the kid will most likely want to bake a cake with Mimi's recipe and it will be easy, as Mimi is happy to share the recipe in the book.

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