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The #BBC Pic (Some Kind of Superstar Series One Book 1)

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That crazy-panic when the text (you meant for your partner) is sent and reality hits – “My text didn’t go where I wanted it to, did it?”

A pic with your pants down? A flirty request for something a little freaky-naughty in the bedroom? An enthusiastic, emoji-laden, five star review of last night’s romp, complete with a re-enactment of your orgasm face?

Joel’s clumsy, hilarious attempts to save his passionless relationship with wife Sylvia, drags him into an underworld of social media enemies determined to tear his life apart.

Viral cringe-worthy memes clash with his plans to run for the primary school council. Devastating YouTube videos destroy the credibility of his Daddy blog. The rolling rage of the Twitterati further shatters his sense of self as Sylvia leads him towards a Craigslist spawned threesome with exotic male dancer, Doug.

In ‘The #BBC Pic’ – Book 1 of the Some Kind of Superstar Series – the hilarious and horrible intertwine as the boundaries between Joel’s online and offline worlds blur, shaking the foundation of his personal boundaries, his beliefs about love, sex and sexuality.

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