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The MisFit Books 1-4

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For the first time in one box set: The MisFit Series Books 1-4. The fast-paced contents include the first four novels in the dark, twisted MisFit Series. In addition, start with the prequel--available in this set or by signing up to the author's mailing set.

Is a psychopath born?
Read the prequel, The Boy Nobody Loved in this boxed set for one view.
Can a child be a psychopath at age 10?
Read Book 1, The Early Years in this boxed set for clues.
Can a shocking experience lasting over three days push a kid from misfit to psychopath?
Read Book 2, The Lost Days in this boxed set for an example that makes the case.
What if your father demanded payment for saving your life? What if he said you'd have to break the law--and if necessary, commit murder?
Read Book 4, The In-Between Years, to understand the downward spiral.
A psychopath in love? Can they love?
Read Book 5, The Reckless Year for the answer and the cost.

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