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American Carnage Volume I: Satire from the Dumbest Year in American History

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This anthology contains some of the most hilarious satire you are likely to read this year. Ranging from mordant to vulgar to irreverent and downright zany, this subversive collection will have you in stitches from start to finish. Fans of humor publications like the Onion and Clickhole will love this book and appreciate Tony Belletier's unique brand of toxic satire. Humor lovers will find much to enjoy in this volume. They will learn about "Highly Smokable Cigarette Butts I Found in the Gutter" and will meet delightful characters like Vito, the Northern New Jersey Italian-American Tombstone distributor and a Saudi executioner who, deep down, just wants to be an actor. Above all, readers will laugh at the many articles and stories poking fun at the absurdity of American social and political life. Sooner or later, you'll fall in love with American Carnage.

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