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ENDOHUMAN: Love Vs Duty: Book 1

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Endohumans are not destined for love. It is against the Ancient Rules. 18 year old Adam Vanolf is about to be one of the last known Endohumans left on Earth as his dying grandfather rushes to complete his training. These superhuman hybrids descended from the ancient Greeks and Romans centuries ago living concealed amongst us, sworn to protect mankind and keeping an almost forgotten secret. But their story go deeper and further than possibly imaginable. Gods? Vampires? Werewolfs? Angels? Or the creation of an unstable mind?. Nonethelss, the life and path an Endohuman must follow is lonely and dangerous, especially for a teenager. Now, an ancient evil is awakening and even though he doesn't know it, the world now needs Adam more than ever. Yet Adam also needs love, so when he meets Evie, the girl of his dreams, a difficult choice must be made...

"The general storyline of Endohuman has been layered and thought out from start to finish. I liked that even though the main genre of the book is Young Adult Fiction, the love story spans a multitude of genres including paranormal, suspense, romance, mystery, werewolf, vampire, sci fi, action and adventure. I loved the multiple twists in the story clearly influenced by Ray Bradbury so even though the book may appear as a cliché Young Adult Vampire Romance at first, things get pretty interesting soon!The writing is confident and enthusiastic writing style hugely appealing, and Nick Dream created a memorable protagonist in Adam, with a storyline that could go, frankly, anywhere! His arrangement of short, snappy chapters translate well into the traditional book format following its success in Wattpad. I loved all the cinematic touches to the narrative, particularly during dialogue. Nick Dream is very talented at bringing these conversations to life with little details that set the scene to perfection. I also enjoyed how he brought characterization to the two towns, Seaford and Pallford, as much as he did to the characters themselves. Kudos is deserved for an original, multifaceted, and highly entertaining plot. Rarely did I see anything coming and I enjoyed the multiple twists. Riveting stuff. And yes, the Ray Bradbury influence veritably shines through after an initial foray into YA vampire romance, via a Shakespearean side plot.".- Bryony Sutherland (Editor)

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