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The Dispensable Wife, Book 5, The MisFit Series

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Eyes are everywhere.

Control-freak, psychopath, and CEO Michael Romanov knows how easily gossip topples men from the ladder of success.

Read the daily headlines, he orders his three kids and wife. Read and live as if someone, somewhere is viewing them under a microscope.

So when he discovers his trophy wife--his cheating trophy wife--having coffee with another man, he goes nuts. But he slices and dices her with such civility no one notices.

Well, someone notices. Someone with a big mouth. A blabbermouth only too quick to inform Michael how often she's seen AnnaSophia with the other guy. At the same time, the witness declaims her discretion. She hints a job with growth potential would help seal her lips. Michael smiles and figures he can seal her lips permanently.

AnnaSophia stays married to Michael Romanov for three reasons: First, he'd never go along with a divorce. (Too much publicity). Second, he's threatened repeatedly to kidnap the kids and keep them from her someplace too remote to find. Third, her father's exorbitant Alzheimer's care would fall on her. With no income or job skills for the past fifteen years, no friends, no escape, she accepts she is trapped. She's confused by Michael's subdued reaction to the coffee incident. Still, she fears for her yoga instructor's life and believes her own is in jeopardy.

Then, she learns the girl in the coffee shop was brutally murdered ...

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