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Self-Publishing Tools of Trade : Online Key Resources Authors Must Know

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Self-Publishing Tools of Trade - Second Edition
There has been a surge in the self-publishing of books in the past few years. The advent of Kindle, Kobo and Barnes and Noble, to name by three of the digital marketplaces, has meant that just about anyone can write and publish a book which they can then upload and sell. And with other new ideas, like print on demand, you can see your book in a physical format without having to spend a fortune on it.

Proofreading, editing, designing a cover and not to mention promoting and advertising your work, are all essential elements. The sheer volume of work involved, once the budding author has researched it, can lead to a meltdown and an abandonment of the project.

Now, this new book by Lama Jabr - Self-Publishing Tools of Trade – sets out to help you navigate the treacherous route to making your self-published book a success.
Including chapters on;

•Researching Your Book
•Writing Your Book
•Formatting Your Book
•Publishing and Distribution
•Author Branding and eBook Marketing

Self-Publishing Tools of Trade eBook is the new ‘must read’ for anyone who is interested in self-publishing their own work and seeing it come to life. Whether digital or hard copy, your work will look better than you could ever have hoped for, with the help of this great accompaniment.

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