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Cold Blooded

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Detective Sergeant Harris receives a call that chills him to the bone. Leonard Fitch, a serial killer who was believed to have perished in a fire twelve months earlier, has apparently risen from the dead and sent his last victim a birthday card from Boston Massachusetts. Whilst carrying out research into murders across the pond, Harris' partner, Detective Constable Jones, discovers several bizarre killings along the famous Route 66, which leads him to believe there may be a link with Fitch.

Fitch was enjoying his new life in California; his new identity, a good job, and a place by a lake to continue his hobby - abducting and torturing young girls before consigning them to their fate. Hearing the news of the two British police officers coming to "hunt him down" amused him, yet at the same time angered him. The thought that these two idiots could track him across the United States from Boston was preposterous, but he knew he had to be cautious. This would require a change of plan, one that would create shock and horror on a scale he'd never imagined possible.

This fast-paced crime thriller continues where Rings of Smoke left off, taking the reader on another roller coaster ride of emotions in a style Diane O'Toole has made her own. A refreshing new voice to a much sort after genre.

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