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Red Fur (The War of the Woods Book 1)

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'In a war, we all have red fur.' Huckleberry the squirrel and war correspondent.

A fox on the run, a squirrel trying to finish his latest book, a sheep that wants to fly, and a rabbit in love, leading a revolution.

Alex is a red fox on the run, but she has outwitted bears before, and it is not as if she is going to burn the forest down, not again. She is going to be a good fox, she can do that.

Huckleberry, the decidedly auburn squirrel, is trying to finish his latest book, but was he better off writing about the pigeon resistance, or following the rumours of the undying bird?

Johnny is a sheep that wants to fly, but the Border Leicester knows nothing about ovine aviation, and must enlist the help of the reluctant, and soon to be ex-sheepdog, Max. How else could the woolly dreamer escape the other animals on the farm?

Runrabbit has always considered himself potentially brave, and being in love helps. It doesn't matter that she's from the Left Tunnel, that the political divide is deepening, or that her voice feels like it is coming from inside his head. The young fur just needs to see her again.

At least there is some solace in certainty. The pigs will keep having their meetings over heavy lunches, the owl won't stop experimenting, and the deranged bird will never die.

The war of the woods has just begun, and an incredible adventure awaits.

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