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And Don't Forget The Roses

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Lonely and still coming to terms with the death of his wife from cancer, Sam Farmer stood gazing at a mystery young woman who, moments before, had gate crashed into his life. His first impressions of her were perplexing. Although sophisticatedly beautiful, she showed another aspect of herself that contradicted his observations. Her less than lady-like language spat scornfully down the cell phone at her fiancé Toby, told of a woman who would not tolerate a man, any man, who took her for granted. With an age gap of twenty years and life styles that were vastly dissimilar to each others, Sam and Penny embarked on a friendship of mutual untethered trust and openness, a friendship that they began to realise was being manipulated but by who and why? However both of them were concealing caustic memories from the past that they’d rather forget. Sam’s was betrayal by a member of his own family. Penny’s was lack of self-belief spawned from a tragic childhood that surfaced in her perceived belligerence. Because of their friendship, they found themselves confronting their demons together and Sam soon realised that for Penny there was a conspiracy to destroy her and her family because of who they were.

And Don’t Forget The Roses, is the prequel to – The Long Reach back, out now on Amazon. ASIN: B075PYRPDD

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