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Prince WIlliam at Olympics 2012

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Prince William of England, second in line to the throne, is asked by his grandmother to represent her at the Olympics events happening in the North of England in 2012. The Prince is pleased at the request, appearing in public as the Queen's representative, but then less than happy when people start shooting at him and threatening his life in a myriad of unpleasant ways. Then Melia arrives. Amelia Hartliss, or 'Heartless' as she is known, has been sent from the local Regional Office of WSB, the country's foremost anti-terrorism unit. She is a professional, but in the weeks spent in the Prince's company, she finds her nature as a mature and passionate woman is tested to the limit. She is attracted to the young man, and is surprised to find that the feeling may be mutual. As the terrorists close in, the two dissimilar people have to work together to survive, forging a bond that is more than their duty demands.

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