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We Bleed (The Red Lily Saga #1)

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Earth died long ago and humanity spread to every habitable planet within reach.

Evolving independently, each new race governed itself until the Ministry was formed to rule them all.

Leuka is a Ministry commander and tactical genius. She has the frail build and weak bones typical of the Fehr race, but is also gifted with the powerful telekinesis and intellect that make her kind dangerous. Her people think of emotions as antiquated and impractical. To the Fehr, they can also be deadly. And yet, Leuka’s are getting harder and harder to control, a fact she must hide at all costs.

Raelon is a shadow man warrior, hatred of the ministry burns in his blood. True to his kind, he is governed by passion and fueled by rage. As a half breed he’s had to fight all his life for his place in the tribe. Now he must prove his worth once and for all, by laying the Fehr commander’s head, at his alpha’s feet. He has to kill Leuka.

On opposite sides of a battle neither can lose; a battle that’s causing both of them to question what they’re fighting for.

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