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Nicolina Fabiani Series: Disturbing Murders and Vatican Conspiracies

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Two books about Murder and rogue Cardinals in the Vatican
Wow! The sort of book I love and can get my teeth into. Quite a bit of skullduggery, a nasty cardinal, a victim who must be saved, some historical background, an interesting heroine with guts, and her friend, the priest from the Vatican. There's an interesting twist about Jesus' and Mary Magdalene's fates; and the nice idealistic Pope. Robert Benson author</b<

Disturbing murders are happening in Rome and the Vatican.

Nicolin Fabiani, a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist takes on the Vatican hierarchy unearthing conspiracies against the newly elected progressive Pope Callixtus IV.

Murder is high on the agenda. Nicolina must race against time to stop the plotters with the help of the Pope's private secretary Monsignor Edoardos Guilianini and David Barron, a mysterious Professor of Ancient Languages.

Join them as follow a trail of dark secrets, placing their own lives in danger for a man they respect above all others.

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