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Lily's Little Runaway Bed - Funny and Playful Rhyming Book about a Girl and her Friend Little Bed: Bedtime Story, Picture Book, Preschool Book, Ages 3-8, Rhyming Poem

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Lily’s Little Runaway Bed is a delightfully entertaining story for young children.

Not only is it entertaining but it contains some very important values and messages for your child. It teaches children about responsibility and about how important it is to make your own bed; and how you should wish to achieve things for yourself.

It follows a little girl called Lily, who starts off being untidy. Lily never has time to make her bed; she’s always rushing downstairs for her breakfast.

Her mommy must always tidy up after her daughter.

Lily’s Little Runaway Bed is written in easy to understand rhyming verses, which help with the natural flow of storytelling.

What makes this story so unique and entertaining is the fact that Lily’s bed can talk, think and move. When her bed feels as though Lily doesn’t love her anymore it runs away from home.

Read Lily’s Little Runaway Bed to discover where her bed ends up.

Does Lily find her perfect little bed once more? And does she realize how important it is to her?

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  • Beautifully illustrated throughout.

  • Easy to read rhyming verses.

  • Important values taught to your children.

This story may be ideal for reading to your kids at bedtime and enjoyable for the whole family as well! It is suitable as a read aloud book for preschoolers or a self-read book for older children.

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