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Earthweeds by Rod Little

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It's not the end of the world, it's the start of something new.

Two students return from a mountain camping trip to find an empty city. Everyone in every metropolis has gone. Only a few living souls remain in the countryside.
And then the lizards came. The size of men, they flooded the city and attacked the few remaining people. When these mutated creatures are confronted by giant spiders, the two species fight each other for the remaining food supply ...with the humans caught in the middle.

A teenage boy with electric powers, a college student who can communicate with animals, a scientist with a dark secret, and a band of psychopaths with their own agenda... all come together.

Defending each other from the evils of men and creatures alike, the last humans form separate camps and race to unravel the mystery of the deserted cities, the swarming creatures, and the threat to humankind. While fighting off the giant monsters that sprang from nowhere, they search for clues that lead to alien devices and the possibility of alien involvement from other planets.

But the mystery of the human disappearance remains. If an alien invasion is behind this, what is the purpose of the giant lizards, spiders, and other creatures?

Sam, a boy who has superhuman powers able to generate electric sparks, teams up with a boy who can understand the language of birds and spiders, and together they set out to find the answers. Another camp led by a mad scientist is racing to find the same answers, but for a very different reason.

A post-apocalyptic novel and science fiction adventure

blending together elements of monsters, survivalists, special super-powers and the mysteries of ancient alien artifacts from space. (358 pages)

"Science Fiction should always be this fun to read." - Top2040 Sci-Fi
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