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Parasites - The TRUTH behind the Myth

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Make no mistake PARASITES are a modern epidemic with over 80% of the worlds population now infected.
Once thought to be only an issue for third world countries and areas of overcrowding the constant re-infection and spread of parasites is at an all time high, with most people completely oblivious to the creatures affecting their everyday life.

The CDC in 2107 have targeted a group of 5 NPI’s (Neglected Parasite Infections) that have been found in the United States in several outbreaks across the country.

Dr. Ross Anderson one of Americas foremost parasitic infection specialists has been quoted as saying - “ I believe the single most undiagnosed health challenge in the history of the human race is parasites. I realize that is a pretty brave statement, but it is based on my 20 years of experience with more than 20,000 patients.”

So many people struggle with illnesses that do not respond to conventional treatments. Physical or mental fatigue, weight control issues, aches and pains — problems that seem simple but just will not go away, possibly leading to more serious health conditions or worst still misdiagnosis.
Dr. Bernard Jenson, the father of iridology in the U.S. and foremost expert in colon research and therapy said; “The average person over 40 has anywhere between 5 to 25 pounds of build-up in their colon. Parasites of all sizes thrive in this indisposed residue of fecal matter, slowly but surely toxifying the whole body.”

Many people regularly take medicine to treat worms but yet have no idea for how long they have been infected and to whom the may have spread these little monsters too.

Many of us do not consider the residual impact of this constant cycle of treatment and re-activation of parasites.
Dr. Hulda Clark, in her book, The Cure For All Cancers and Cure For All Diseases claims that most cancers are caused by the "fasciolopsis buski" parasite and that every one of her cancer patients had human parasites
While medical solutions offer temporary treatments, a change in lifestyle can provide a natural and long-lasting solution to these everyday complications.
Increasing our knowledge of the parasites and worms that regularly hijack our immune system can allow a better quality of life from the simple dietary additions and changes outlined in this book.

Revitalise yourself, and enjoy the new you that you never thought possible!

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