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Lindsey's Angel

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Becoming a widow isn't easy for any woman. For the first time since the death of her husband Lindsey feels as though she's alive when she meets Angel. Guilt hits her hard for having any kind of feelings towards a man. She asks herself if finding love for a second time in her young life is even possible. Should she follow her heart and let nature take it's course? When she finds out Angel works for the DEA, the sizzle she felt is completely reduced to nothing.

Angel is ready to settle down and start a family. He's done living dangerously, his injury sustained while in the SEALs got him medically discharged. His undercover job with the DEA has spanned a decade and taken it's toll. When he see's Lindsey's photo for the first time, he's captivated and also taken aback by the haunting look in her eyes. He never dreamed the sleepy little town of Pine Valley would harbor the world's most valuable asset. Together they discover the secret, one that will bring family and friends together for a lifetime. This story contains strong subplots.

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