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THIRTY (YA Robot Cyberpunk Dystopia)

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The second robot cyberpunk dystopian released by author M. Black is EXOTIQA. THIRTY is a novelette prequel to EXOTIQA and will appeal to a vast array of audiences. This is 1.5 in the Exotiqa World, prequel to the first release. Following the actions of Thirty—the love interest of Maci from Exotiqa—the reader will catch a glimpse of what life was like inside of ImaTech for Flexbots and how he fell in love with Maci.

Fans of Configured, Freelancer, Blade Runner, Divergent, iRobot, The Glitch, and robot cyberpunk dystopia will love this world with two young but strong female heroines who must save the fragile system crumbling around them. This story will even satisfy those looking for something with more philosophical themes and is a perfect fit for the sci-fi, artificial intelligence, and robotics interested readers.

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