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Lusfutl Priorities-Percy's Persecution

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“The bachelor life is sweet, so why would I settle to the waking-whims of the opposite sex.”
Percy Patterson penchant for the glitter of night life had netted him many affairs, without the trappings of a commitment—falling in love was never an option.
It was just another date, but unlike the others, she left scars so deep and haunting, he would never be same. Instead of seeking his next conquest, he’s being investigated by the police for murder, a target of a jilted husband and on the verge losing his job and family. To reclaim his life, Percy turns to the underworld for assistance. Is Percy on the right path to atonement, or getting himself in maelstrom that may ultimately spell his demise?
Fate has a strange way of knocking at your door, sometimes quiet, sometimes loud, but most times unexpected, where truths are circumvented to deliver the inevitable

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