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The Day the Flowers Died

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World War II Munich Romance

If you enjoyed Clash by Night, Everything We Keep, The Things We Cherished, The Diplomat's Wife, The Zookeeper's Wife, The Fire by Night, From Sand and Ash, you will enjoy this novel.

"One of the best love stories you'll ever read." - A Reader

in 2011 this book was downloaded over 13,000 times in a single month, surpassing A Tale of Two Cities for the number #1 spot in Historical Fiction, and landing the number #3 spot in Historical Romance, just between Jane Eyre and Persuasion.

Rebecca May can be found at and is a pen name for the historical/contemporary branch of Ami Blackwelder who writes paranormal. Follow her blog and sign up for the newsletter for 1 free ebook and new release updates.

Inspired by a dream, the emotional story demanded to be written...with late night War World II research, a saturation of old Germany footage from youtube, including footage on the President, Hitler, and old German and swing music, this novel was finally born.

A historical fiction set in Munich, Germany in the early 1930’s before the outbreak of War World II. Eli Levin and Rebecca Baum fall passionately in love and while their differences should have separated them, they instead forged a passionate bond that would change their lives forever.

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