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Medieval Blood

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The read of a lifetime-page turner! Horror fans, take note. Countess Bathory truly was a bloodthirsty royal in the 1500s. Set in the 1500's, Medieval Blood details how she might have killed her victims--and why. Learn about her reign of terror over her castle and servants. She was convicted of the murder of many people, because she thought that their blood would rejuvenate her skin. This is an entirely fictional account based on the story but horrifying none the less.

"I think the author did an amazing job bringing a bit of history to life. The book has a bit of a twist at the end which I would have thought interesting to learn about in more detail. All in all this is a quick read that will have readers eagerly turning the pages to see what happens."

From the Author
I found the story of Countess Bathory to be fascinating. Now several books and films have been written about her, but I like to think this is how it transpired...

From the Inside Flap
I was fascinated to learn about Countess Bathory on a podcast, Stuff You Didn't Learn in History Class. It made me wonder what I could learn about her, and I was able to find some information. The rest is scientific conjecture, or in other words, fictional license. I hope you enjoy learning about her and her horrific crimes.

From the Back Cover
How much do you know about the 1500's? Television shows like Tudors and other medieval royalty programming have brought this lifestyle to the living room, but Countess Bathory is one serial killer I had never heard of until recently. Open your mind and your awareness to discover her biography and that of other characters from history.

About the Author
Mary C. Blowers' talents are multi-genre and include biography/memoir, true crime, Christian books, literature fiction, fantasy series, teen and young adult, metaphysical and visionary, diet and weight loss, alternative medicine, authorship, and publication guides.

In addition to her self-published books, her essay has appeared in "Best Life Stories" from Readers' Digest, and she is a contributor to magazines and blogs. Her own blog is

She lives in the Midwest in a historical 1940s home with her husband, a dog and two cats. When she's not writing she enjoys reading, gardening, and walking for fitness.

She is a long-time student of natural health methods and a certified Master Herbalist, Nutrition Consultant, Holistic Health Practitioner and Weight Management Coach.

Mary C. Blowers' writing has been compared to that of Elizabeth Gilbert and Ralph Waldo Emerson. Always creative and deep in thought, her books are innovative and unexpected.

Connect with Mary at, @MaryBlowers, or You can join her mailing list to get special free gifts and be the first to hear about new releases. Sign up at

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