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The Golden Goose of Los Angeles

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Signed Copy! He is cursed with wealth, his arm is slashed and badly bleeding; just another Monday. Saving lives can kill if your blood is worth $500,000 a pint. Rory Chambers has a special antigen in his blood that gives recipients an immune system upgrade. This gift allows him to save the lives of those affected by terminal cancers and other blood borne illnesses.

For those who are desperate, wealthy and powerful, they do not feel the need to ask permission when extracting Rory’s blood. For those who are poor, and desperate for instant wealth, the idea of stealing blood from Rory becomes primal. When most of the country is willing to mortgage their homes for a pint of your life-saving blood, how can you possibly find peace and anonymity? Is it morale to take a man’s blood by force if he can simply generate more? Where is the line between privacy and charity, brutality and exploitation? After appearing on several high profile television shows, and making his gift known to the world, Rory will soon find out. With an ending that will haunt readers for the rest of their lives, this book delivers on so many levels.

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