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Paper Maps, No Apps: An Unplugged Travel Adventure

Paper Maps, No Apps: An Unplugged Travel Adventure

They lived their lives glued to their screens. Will one road trip give them the digital detox they need? Bartender Johnny Welsh needed a break from his overstimulated life....
$ 16.99
Around the World in 80 Tales

Around the World in 80 Tales

80 Stories, 25 Countries, 5 Continents, One Heck of a Ride! Come with me on a journey of captivating true travel stories from around the world....
$ 2.99
Finding Anna

Finding Anna

*A powerful and eye-opening Amazon bestselling memoir *

Uncover an inspiring true story about life, travel, and self-discovery.

Dissatisfied with life and with his thirties creeping up on him,

$ 1.99
The Perfect Culture

The Perfect Culture

Heโ€™s seeking a place to belong. His only tool is philosophical satireโ€ฆ Thomas Gephardt loses no love for his rural Indiana home. Struck with raging wanderlust,...
$ 0.00

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The Black Tower - the complete series

The Black Tower - the complete series

A team of scientists travels the eighty floors of a strange black tower, where each floor is an alternate world fraught with danger, striving to reach the top floor and the dark force behind the creation of the looming monolith....
$ 3.95


Stormrider, young woman Janissary, quests for justice and peace on her rebellion-torn world several continents away from what she considers home; and for the missing Amulet that must choose the leader of the worlds in concert....
$ 3.97

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